InAmath – An interdisciplinary approach to mathematical education


  • Workshops in MoStart 2024
    As a part of the MoStart 2024 conference, two workshops with InAMath activities for teachers were held: Art and Technology in Math classroom (B.Crnković, V. Mikulić Crnković) and Preparing educative 3D models (I. Marić i … Read more
  • Secrets of Cryptography workshop
    On December 21st, 2023 we held the workshop Secrets of Cryptography for a group of gifted children in Elementary school “Milan Brozović” Kastav.
  • Workshop for students of Faculty of Educational Sciences Pula
    On December 19th, 2023 we held two workshops: for students of the Teacher Study and students of the undergraduate study Early and Preschool Education of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula.
  • The analysis of the research results
    The analysis of the research results carried out in the InAMath project was published in a scientific article published in a renowned journal SAGE Open. Istenič, A., Simčič, B., Crnković, V. M., & Volk, M. … Read more
  • Final report of the InAMath project
    We are very happy to inform you that the Agency evaluated the final report of the project with a maximum of 100 points and marked it as an example of good practice!
  • Development of computational thinking through interdisciplinary activities in mathematics education
    Conference paper and conference presentation “Development of computational thinking through interdisciplinary activities in mathematics education” by Bojan Crnković, Vedrana Mikulić Crnković and Ivona Traunkar were presented on 9th International Scientific Colloquium Mathematics and Children, Osijek, … Read more
  • International Day of Mathematics and Pi day
    International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is celebrated around the world every year on March 14th. March 14th was chosen as the date for IDM because it was already celebrated in many countries as Π day. … Read more
  • Announcement of fifth TMP
    We are happy to announce our final official InAMath TPM meeting which will be held in Rijeka, Croatia from February 13th until February 15th, 2023!
  • Rijeka tehnologije
    Faculty of Mathematics, University of Rijeka participated in the event Rijeka tehnologije from January 30th until February 2nd, 2023 with activities developed within InAMath project: math ride (30.1.2023.), Ecsher tiling and Treasure hunt: secrets of … Read more
  • Education for teachers in Rijeka, 20.-21.1.2023.
    InAMath education for teachers “An interdisciplinary approach to teaching mathematics” was held in the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Rijeka on the 20th and 21st of January, 2023. There were 39 teachers from 18 different … Read more
  • Education for teachers in Rijeka, Croatia
    We invite you to join our InAMath education: “An interdisciplinary approach to teaching mathematics” for teachers which will be held from 20.1.2023. to 21.1.2023. in Rijeka, Croatia. The full program of education is available here: … Read more
  • Lecture in Kopar, Slovenia
    On December 5th 2022, Vedrana Mikulić Crnković held a lecture for students of the Faculty of Pedagogy in Kopar, Slovenia. The lecture was titled “Popularisation of mathematics and InAMath activities” and students had the opportunity … Read more
  • Evening of Mathematics
    The first Thursday in December at the Faculty of Mathematics is alwaysreserved for the Evening of Mathematics. This year, we spent theEvening playing math games and solving math puzzles. In the lecturetitled Math Games (B. … Read more
  • OpenSciComm 2022 (November 24-25, 2022, Belgrade, Serbia
    Bojan Crnković and Vedrana Mikulić Crnković had a presentation entitled Mathematics on the children’s playground at the Open Science Communication Conference – OpenSciComm 2022 (November 24-25, 2022, Belgrade, Serbia), link: the talk, they presented activities developed … Read more
  • InAMath activities at UNIRI Nano-day and Rikon 2022
    The activities were presented by students and formal students of the Faculty of Mathematics: Ivana Brckan, Martina Baraba, Barbara Matajčić, Doris Petrušić, Larisa Poljak
  • Conference paper “Treasure Hunt as a Method of Learning Mathematics”
    Bojan Crnković and Vedrana Mikulić Crnković presented the conference paper entitled “Treasure Hunt as a Method of Learning Mathematics” (authors: Vedrana Mikulić Crnković, Ivona Traunkar, Bojan Crnković) at the 16th European Conference on Games-Based Learning … Read more
  • Fourth TPM and LTTA
    Our fourth InAMath project workshop was held from September 21th to 23rd in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina. We discussed how to design and conduct InAMath teacher education based on an interdisciplinary approach, and it was … Read more
  • Announcement of fourth TMP and LTTA
    We are very happy to announce our fourth official InAMath LTTA and TPM meeting which will be held in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 21st until September 24th, 2022!
  • Activities in June 2022
    During June, we conducted 14 scenarios in the classroom, and with them, we finish this school year. It was exciting and fun, and we hope that we passed our enthusiasm to teachers and students! 🙂We … Read more
  • Activities in May 2022
    Even though the end of the school year is near, we didn’t slow down a bit! During May, we tried out 15 scenarios in the classroom and we are saving a few of them for … Read more
  • Science festival in Rijeka, 2.-7.5.2022.
    During the Science festival in Rijeka (2.-7.5.2022.) we conducted several activities connected to our InAMath project: Mathematical games, Mathematical puzzles, Secrets of cryptography, Look at me… I repeat myself!, Secret hunt, two mathematical exhibitions, and … Read more
  • Activities in April 2022
    During April, we continued with our work developing scenarios and rehearsing scenarios in classrooms. This month we tried 12 scenarios in classrooms. The children and teachers are very happy and motivated for our next visits … Read more
  • Activities in March 2022
    During March, we continued developing scenarios and rehearsing scenarios in classrooms. We went to the classroom over 20 times and tried 16 scenarios. Our experiences are very positive, and the children and teachers are very … Read more
  • Pi day, 14.3.2022
    We had so many activities for Pi day that we celebrated for the whole week! Plenty of ideas and plenty of workshops with students were organized in our four countries during this Pi week! We … Read more
  • Activities in February 2022
    During February, Rijeka and Mostar continued with developing scenarios for our activities in classrooms. Our partners in Mostar had two classroom activities based on new scenarios and in Rijeka two scenarios are completely prepared and … Read more
  • Article: How to organize mathematical exhibition – taxi geometry
    In the journal of mathematical teaching “MIŠ: Matematika i škola”, an article by Vedrana Mikulić Crnković, Dina Mlacović, Marko Mrvoš “Kako organizirati matematičku izložbu – taxi geometrija” (How to organize a mathematical exhibition – taxi geometry) is … Read more
  • Activities in January 2022
    After a short holiday break, we continued with the preparation of our activities and making arrangements with schools for the implementation of our interdisciplinary activities. Also, members of our project held two lectures in the … Read more
  • Lecture for students, Slovenia
    On Monday, January 17, 2022, teacher Urška Cimprič from the Elementary School heroja Janeza Hribarja gave a lecture for students, future teachers, on teaching mathematics in the first educational period in practice. Urška is a … Read more
  • Implementation of interdisciplinary activities in December 2021
    In December of 2021, we started implementing interdisciplinary activities in primary schools in Slovenia and in Novi Sad. The students participated in the activities with pleasure, and the motivation for work was high. In addition … Read more
  • InAMath project presentation
    On Thursday, December 16th, 2021, Društvo matematičara i fizičara invites you to a presentation of the InAMath project. As a part of the project presentation, a lecture titled Interdisciplinary connection of mathematics in class teaching … Read more