Osnovna šola heroja Janeza Hribarja Stari trg pri Lozu

Hero Janez Hribar elementary school is a nine-year elementary school with 300 students and 40 teachers. It is located in the south of Slovenia, in the border area with Croatia and is one of the rural schools. The school also has a subsidiary school with 44 students and a kindergarten named Polhek, which includes 130 preschool children with 20 pre-school teachers. Teachers use modern approaches and include in their teaching practice recommendations from the curriculum and professional literature, recommendations from counselors of the Institute of Education and other institutions, experience from practice and participation in different national and international projects. The school has been renovated and equipped with modern ICT, which teachers actively include in the lessons. The school places great emphasis on teacher education and their professional development, including in the field of inclusive teaching, interdisciplinary cooperation and formative assesment of students, which is carried out in practice. For professional development has an important role a team of math teachers which conects vertically with math teachers from first and second triad. 

School is involved in defferent national and international projects. In past, school was colaborating with schools from abroad, namely with schools from Croatia (Čabar, Pula, Zagreb), Poland, Italy, Great Britain and Portugal. The school is called Culture School, Healthy School and Eco School. The mission of the school is to enable students to acquire knowledge, develop competencies to achieve set goals, maintain and encourage children’s curiosity and creativity, and educate them in a spirit of respect, tolerance and mutual assistance through modern and innovative approaches. The vision of the school is: to acquire knowledge and skills that are important for life.

Andreja Klančar is a math teacher at hero Janez Hribar elementary school. She has got a PhD in Educational Sciences. 

Her field of research is the development and evaluation of different teaching approaches and the effective use of technology in the teaching and learning process. So far she has cooperated in developing teacher training courses and interactive materials. 

Since 2012, she has been actively involved in various national and international projects and activities: Project Comenius Toolbox – Building a school for all, Erasmus + KA2 project UDEL21-Use diversity to enhance learning, The Learning to learn project, projects of the National Board of Education:  Moodle,  E-contents and E-materials, I-books, National E-education project where she was working as teacher trainer on seminars such as Using the  IWB, How to use e-materials, WEB 2.0, Creating different e-materials, Using ICT in teaching,  Distance learning, Video conferencing, where she was also project councelor for elementary and pre-school. 

She is also author of didactic mathematics materials and articles on using ICT in Education and reviewer of maths materials.