Robot Joca is going around the city

InAMath project keeps inspiring teachers to introduce more ICT tools into their regular teaching activities. One great example of that is teacher Snežana Lučić, from Primarily School 20. October, Sivac, Serbia. Snežana designed an integrated class named “Robot Joca is going around the city” for pupils from 1 st grade (7 years old), that lasted 5 school classes and included listed subjects: Digital world, Science, Art, Mathematics, Maternal language, and Sports. Within integrated class, she managed to use micro:Maqueen
robot, named Joca, who was controlled by micro:bit. During Art part of integrated class pupils made model of the city where the robot is going to move around. After that they were introduced to robot named Joca (micro:Maqueen ) and how his moving can be controlled ( micro:bit ), as part of Digital world. After getting familiar with robot Joca and controlling its movement around city, pupils learned about Navigating in space (what is in front, behind, left, right, etc…) as part of Science class. During Mathematical part pupils calculated how many houses and buildings are in the town by process of addition. Afterwards, as part of Maternal language class pupils made up story about robot Joca and his adventure in the city. Furthermore, during Sport class pupils controlled robot so it was moving on straight and crooked path what was followed by pupils’ imitation of robot path.
Both, pupils and teacher, as well as spectators, enjoyed very much in this innovative class!