Mathematical exhibition: taxi geometry 9.9.2021.-4.10.2021.

Authors: Vedrana Mikulić Crnković, Dina Mlacović, Marko Mrvoš
Organisers: Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti, Centar za inovativne medije, Odjel za matematiku (Sveučilište u Rijeci)
Location: Kampus Trsat, Rijeka
Opening: 9.9. u 11.00

Although at first glance it may seem that mathematics and art have no common ground, they often do they intertwine and support each other. Mathematics helps the artist to turn his ideas into reality, either by using specific techniques of drawing and artistic creation that are based on mathematical laws or concretization of abstract ideas using an analytical method
thinking that mathematics teaches us. On the other hand, art helps math to show
its other, some would say the real face, to reveal to all its astonishing abstract nature in
a different way.
A math exhibition is a great way to present math content and using it, mixing art and mathematics, we present mathematical concepts in a completely different way.
We tried to make an exhibition that would be both artistic and mathematical. We tried to make an exhibition that will allow art lovers to walk around beautiful paintings without knowing they are made with the help of mathematics, an exhibition that will allow the interested visitor to peek into the mathematical background of the paintings, but also an exhibition that will amaze and surprise the mathematician with its presentation
mathematical concepts (known to him or not) in a completely unusual way.