Univerza na Primorskem

About the University
The University of Primorska is successfully implementing its two core activities: research and education. In all of its functioning it is closely collaborating with the creators and users of
knowledge locally and globally. The knowledge for the environment that the university is directly offering to companies, public institutes and other organisations is a quality upgrade of basic research and a precondition to effective use of intellectual potential of society and
spacer in which it operates. 
The University of Primorska was able to adapt and actively engage with the environment,
which is becoming increasingly open for experimentation and innovation. With its activities it
is constantly searching for new cooperation possibilities and functioning in entrepreneurial

About the Faculty of Education
The Faculty of Education (henceforth UP PEF) was established in 2003 with the passing of the University of Primorska Charter (OG RS, No 13/2003). The University of Primorska, Faculty of Education is a higher education institution that performs educational, scientific research and artistic activities in the field of educational sciences. UP PEF is a member of the University of Primorska (henceforth UP). The bodies of the UP PEF are the Dean, the Senate, the Administrative Board and the Student Council. Organisational units of the UP PEF are departments, chairs, centers, and the research institute, within which research groups operate, and the library. The secretariat is the technical and administrative unit of the faculty. In the area of study activities the UP PEF performs several study programmes for education of teachers. In conformance with the KLASIUS classification the study fields of the UP PEF are field 01 – Teacher training and education science and 02 – Arts and humanistics. The UP PEF performs renewed study programmes and new Bologna programmes.
First cycle:
 Academic study programme Pedagogy– full time study,
 Academic study programme Primary School Teaching – full time study,
 Academic study programme Social Pedagogy– part time study and
 Higher education professional study programme Pre-school Teaching – full time and part time study*.
* Part time study is also carried out at external units.
Second cycle:
 Master study programme Inclusive Pedagogics,
 Master study programme Adult Education and Career Development,
 Master study programme Early Learning,
 Master study programme Primary School Teaching,
 Master study programme Social Pedagogy.
Third cycle:
 Doctoral study programme Educational Sciences,
 Doctoral study programme Early Learning and Teaching.

In the undergraduate study programmes 1185 students are enrolled and 481 in the graduate study programmes in the academic year 2018/2019. 335 students graduated in 2018.

Based on the calls by the Ministry of Education, Science and sport of the Republic of Slovenia the UP PEF also performs programmes of further education and training of professionals in education (supplementary and updating programmes). 
In the area of scientific and research work the Institute of Educational is active with the homonymous research group with the following fields of research (according to the Slovenian Research Agency’s classification of research activities): 5.00.00 social sciences, and 6.00.00 humanities. 64 researchers are included in the research group of the Institute of Educational Sciences.

Marina Volk

Dr. Marina Volk is an Assistant Professor  at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Education. She teaches subjects related to the didactics of mathematics and the integration of ICT in learning and teaching. She researches interdisciplinary integrations in the primary school, mainly from the point of view of integrating mathematics into other subjects. In 2017, she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled Cross-curricular integrations in the first educational period of the elementary school with inclusion of ICT. In 2019 she published a scientific monograph entitled Cross-curricular links with mathematics during the primary school. 

Andreja Istenič Starčič

Dr. Andreja Istenič Starčič is professor of didactics and specialist in educational technology. She has over 18 years experiences in teacher education and training. Andreja was editor of British Journal of Educational Technology – BJET and in editorial boards of Educational Technology Research and Development – ETR&D. She is author of the book Educational technology and construction of authentic learning environment. Andreja has international collaboration and was visiting professor at Macquarie University Sydney (2012-13), Kazan Federal University (2016 – ), University of North Texas (2018). Her research interests and teaching expertise are in the areas of teacher education, educational technology, learning environments, contemporary learning theories, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, inclusive education, higher education, work integrated learning and professional development. She has a particular interest and involvement in interdisciplinary research. During last four years she devoted significant time for research about scientific publishing and evaluation of scientific work in social science and humanities. Andreja coordinated international and national research projects and was lead organiser of international scientific conferences. She was one of founding convenors of the European Educational Research Association (EERA) Network 27 Didactics Learning and Teaching.

Nataša Orbanič Dolenc

Dr. Nataša Dolenc Orbanić is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska. Her research interests focus on the didactics of natural science in pre-school and primary school education, especially on misconceptions about natural phenomena and on the development of appropriate teaching strategies to prevent misconceptions. Her scientific papers focus mainly on constructivist approach in science classes, outdoor education and education for sustainable development with an emphasis on cross-curricular teaching. 

Tadeja Volmut

Dr. Tadeja Volmut, assistant professor of sports didactics at the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska. Her research interests include the children and adolescents lifestyle, motor and physical development. She pays great attention to intervention programs to increase physical activity and sport participation during and outside school time. She has published several scientific and professional papers and presented findings at international scientific and professional conferences. In addition, she is also one of the editors and authors of scientific and professional monographs.

Mojca Žefran

Dr. Mojca Žefran is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Primorska, Slovenia, where she teaches several courses in the area of English language and teaching. She earned her PhD in education studies from the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska. Her research and publications are mostly in the area of foreign language teaching methodology for young learners and second language teaching and acquisition. Her current research interest covers individual differences in foreign language learning, especially motivation and attitudes towards foreign language learning, and CLIL (content and language integrated learning).

Jasna Prezelj

Dr. Jasna Prezelj’s research is mostly within  complex analysis. She has  teach various analysis courses at  University of Primorska and University of Ljubljana. She coordinates yearly competition Mathematical Advent Calendar (popularization of Mathematics project for primary and secondary school students). Occasionally she also gives lectures for high school students where she presents modern  topics in mathematics on a high school level.

Mara Cotič
Dr. Mara Cotič (dean UP PEF) was one of the first to substantiate the scientific bases of didactics mathematics. As a researcher in the field of mathematics didactics, she develops new modern models of teaching and learning. She has participated in many domestic and international projects. Based on her vision, UP PEF received new basic study programs at all three Bologna levels. She is the recipient of several awards in the field of higher education.

Darjo Felda

Dr. Darjo Felda is employed at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Education as a lecturer and researcher in the field of didactics mathematics. In 2016, he received the Award of the Republic of Slovenia for outstanding achievements in the area of higher education, as he strongly marked the Slovenian and international space in the field of didactics mathematics and popularization of mathematics. Dr. Darjo Felda is a member of the National Commission for the Management of the National Mathematics Test. 

Blaž Simčič

Blaž Simčič is a lecturer at Faculty of Education, University of Primorska. He holds a BSc in Sociology and a M.D. in Interdisciplinary Statistics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His teaching responsibilities cover delivering lectures around research methods and statistics in education. In his current research position he works on various projects as a methodologist.